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Erin Go Bragh

LOL, one of my eyes got infected again.
But it's deffinitely not as bad as last time, it's a mild infection; still, I gotta treat it with antibiotics, I gotta wear shades at all times (ugh, that already tired me out so I'm not wearing them atm), I had to patch up one of the shade's lenses so less light would come in XD, I had to lower the brightness on my comp's screen and though I can go to the office and work, the lights in my office must be off for two weeks. The other guys at my office weren't as happy, lol, but they've adapted well XD

Well, at least it wasn't anything major. The doc said that I've clearly taken care of my eyes while wearing lenses (I explained to her how I clean them till they're squeaky, I disinfect them regularly, I use the enzyme pills too; I keep changing cases, I wear my eye drops all the time, and I change lenses way sooner then I'm supposed to --no pair has lasted me more than 6 months, as soon as they give me trouble, I throw them away, case and all!), but she said that it was inevitable that at some point, one little speck of dust or dirt would get in my eye, would scratch everything and provoke and infection, which is what happened this time.

I was at the movies (watching The Godfather ----OMG, that was awesome, I had the chance to watch my fave movie ever in the big screen!!!) and I was wearing my Queenie Royals, which are the most naural and by far most comfortable lenses ever and one thing got it, I couldn't get the lenses out cos I had no case with me and by the end my eye was red.
As it was red again the next day, I knew I better go see the doc.

The only thing that bugs me is that between the eye doctor, the patches and the drops I spent like $100 o__O


Oh well. She prescribed drops and no lenses for a week and then try the lenses out in gradually. Since I'll be wearing shades for two weeks, I might as well swear off the lenses. I don't even do my make up, lol. It's been weird eeing my own face staring back at me. I only wear foundation, powder and blush...I look so plain, lol

Writer's Block: National Pi Day

How many digits of pi have you memorized?

3,1416 is what we used in school. My maths teacher just told us to 'round it up' to that, so *shrug* that's all I learnt XD

Uniform :)

I wore my uniform coord yesterday. Basically, out of two outfits I got from BL, I took the navy skrt from the sailor uniform, the blouse from the AKB48 styled costume, a lose tie I got there and a cardigan my mom had (plus the loose socks, I got from eBay...120 cm!! super long)
It was interesting, haha. I got varied reactions, most thought I was a schoolgirl, lol
Well, I did go to the hair salon and got a treatment and hey made my hair extra straight, which makes me look younger for some reason.
I took some pics! Notice something? No camera! I used a tripod.
Couldn't take full-body shots, as one of the legs is a bit broken, so I have to fix that beforehand.

Tripod and me:


Pics behind the cut!Collapse )

30 Day lolita challenge - Day 2

LOL, totally forgot about this ^^;;;

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.
1) Classic lolita everything!!! OMG, this was the style that finally got me into lolita; it's the sole reason I ever decided to take the plunge and try it out.

2) JSKs. I used to buy only OPs, but right now it's JSKs I love :) I don't know, they just give you more choices and just look so darn cute.

3) Parasols; I had never seen such a pretty accessory in my life; lolita parasols are the bee's knees (specially Baby's, of which I'm glad to own one)

4) Bonnets. Don't really wear them anymore, but they were one of my first loves (my first lolita accessory was a bonnet)

5) All the attention it gets, even if negative; I like disrupting this dull town and corrupting the young.

6) Meet-ups! I know lots of comms (even if my own country) don't lack for drama, but my comm turned out to be swell and most of us became friends :) Our meet-ups have no equal!!

7) All the friends I've made since before I started (but had the interest); I'm truly thankful for what lolita has given me.

8) Going to events, working at stands, igniting the passion for fashion on the younger girls XD I really love talking about it, dispelling myths and rumours and showing what it's all about. I'll have that opportunity on April, as I'll be behind a stand at a local con, woohoo!

9) Pictures! I hate taking photos of myself, I look bad 95% of the time, but I like throwing a coord together and trying to capture something about it. As a fatty-chan, it takes extra effort to look decent, ha-ha. My trial by fire will be on Extreme Fashion Week, as I'l.l be modelling for a local brand o__O (the same brand that was holding that contest I entered: I don't know the results yet, but the voting's been going well in my favor, so I think I may become their official 'face' pretty soon...)

10) It has made me brave and given me a sense of freedom.

30 Day lolita challenge - Day 1

OK, so everybody and their mothers already did this like forever ago, but I never got to. I guess I wasn't feeling like I was entitled to, lol ^^

So here goes, better late then never!

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Hmm...not sure what this one means exactly, so I guess Ill talk about the way I view and do lolita.

1) My life in loli is pretty great, it gives me courage (going out dressed like this, even in the more subdued versions, in a town like this...if I ain't brave, I don't know who is)

2) I love classic! It's what finally made me fall in love with lolita in the first place. Whenever I saw lolitas in old anime magazines (what would be considered 'old school' now), I was like Yeah....no. I thought it was so ugly (however, I love old school now, lol); but years later, I discovered classic and it was awesome and made me like other styles afterwards.

3) I love that I don't feel like I'm wearing lolita for anyone else, but me.

4) Continuing on that last point, I love that I probably look like ass in lolita, yet I don't care. I know how to dress casual, I know how to look semi-appropriate for the other people around me. Yet, I choose not to do it, as often as I can. I wear lolita not for how it makes me look, but for the way it makes me feel. I like seeing what I see in the mirror and not what other see.

5) It's funny how my wardrobe started and how it's evolved lately. I started with OPs only and whatever I could afford and fit into. Losing weight wads definitely a boon for me, as now I have a wider choice of clothes available for me; it's also funny how much I love JSKs now, which I had first avoided so much...I wonder if I'll ever like skirts, lol

6) I also feel I should shout out to my local comm. I'm truly thankful for them. I, who's always been a misfit, feel more accepted and loved in that comm than I've ever been in any other place in my life. They've made me stronger. Even when things seem grim and I'm ready to jump off a cliff, a good meet up can still lift my spirits.

7) Is it weird that I declare not to be a 24/7 lolita yet I still try to do it from time to time? Every so often, I'll have heavy lolita spells, in which I'll wear lolita for many many days in a row. It's funny, cos I've nothing to prove to anybody in fashion, yet it's like I'm in this competition with myself, getting more clothes and accessories and coming up with more and more coords out of the same wardrobe, so I can wear it often...

8) I wonder if I'll ever lose enough weight to fit my favorite brand, the one that made me get into this (Mary Magdalene); nahhh, probably not, and even if I could, I know I'd never spend so much on anything ever, lol (the funniest part is that my dream dress isn't by MM, it's princess drop pocket embroidery, by Baby, also a fave brand of mine)

9) I love headdresses and I'm trying to bring them back XDDDDD

10) I like that I seem to have come to terms with being known as a lolita and the fact that people in the local comm is starting to take notice of me and recognize that I ain't just doing any plain ole lolita; I think I'm both trying to make it more adult and streamlined, asides from making it mine. I like that and I intend to stay true on this path :)


Wow, the Oscars did not disappoint I mean, I dunno about the actual broadcast, I didn't watch 'em, cos I didn't wanna 'jinx it'), but I'm overly happy about the outcome!!!

Not only The Artist actually won best picture (being technically foreign and all) AND best director, but the yummy Jean Dujardin won best actor!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG, I can barely believe it!! I'm so glad they decided to go with someone like him, rather than same ole'.

I mean, to the rest of Hollywood and the world, Jean is a newcomer (even though he's had a long and successful career back home, specializing in comedy)

I'm so happy for him.

I need to find more of his work, it's really hard to come by, I only have one of his DVDs (the first OSS 117 movie)

New hair...

I just got my extes from Luxy Hair. They're OMFG awesome.
I'm wearing the smaller wefts right now to try them out, I already added so much length and volume! I can only imagine what the full set will look like, so I'll experiment with the rest tonite :)

I also got my furry white boot covers XDDDD They're awesome-sauce, but I won't wear them just yet, I'll probably wait for a few dresses I found on Taobao which would look great with these. I already have a pending order with Dollypoddle (shopping service), I just need the dough!
I also picked a couple of uniforms from Bodyline. I hope I can get me some cash while the $10 shipping deal's still on, I'd really like these, they're so cute and I've been secretly craving for a school inform in forever. I even went ahead and got loose socks on eBay (120 cm!! Longest ever)

And yeah, none of this is lolita. But then I've always thought clothes are clothes, man. If one day I feel like I wanna look sexier and more fun, perhaps lolita isn't exactly the best way to go. And if one day I feel like a pretty princess, then why not wear lolita. It's not like I'm quitting one thing to be another, that's SO dumb, I've always thought. I think everybody should just be able to wear what they feel like that day or for an event, without getting pegged as a label.
Lolita is important to me, it defined me, it gave me friends and a social life; it makes me feel pretty even if I'm not. But if I wanna wear a flowery short dress and furry boots some other day, I don't see why it should be a disappointment to anybody XD
It's not like it's an ideology either.


Geh, I decided to brave the hordes and bought my first set of clip in extensions, last night. I got them from Luxy Hair, as they seemed to be good and shipped internationally. They were not cheap, but I expect them to be a good investment, in the long run.
I can't wait for them to get here, so excited!!!


I'm on vacation now (yay); my second and final week, spending a few days in Santiago, visiting my sister.
It's been good, but...stuff somehow feels heavier on my mind now than before and I just can't get any sleep. I spent last night feeling all angsty and rose in the morning, feeling like absolute shit.
Things are--I dunno. I go to sleep and my brain is like, 'Nu-uh, missy! First let's do a rundown of all your problems and issues!' and then everything's all black again.
I'd wish someone would just stop time so I could get off, like stopping a ride at a fair. That'd be awesome.

As for now, the only thing I have going for me (or rather, the only thing I'm mildly enthused about) is my webcomic. It's not the super big magna opus I've been writing for years; it's much simpler, like a cute comic strip. I took some dialogues I've had or imagined and rendered them as conversations between two offbeat friends; one of them, a guy, he works in a bar. The other, is a lolita XD This was inspired by my recent visits to a bar which belongs to a dear friend of mine. However, the character himself is modeled after another friend; the girl speaks for me, I suppose, but my more clever alter-ego, lol
I didn't really know what to name it and what the main feature would be, but I got hit by sudden inspiration while I was at Starbucks. I knew I wanted to write about things that happened to me, so I took these two characters and -yet again based on an actual conversation- I named it Coffee & Tea. There'll be one strip explaining this, and the rest will just be slice of life happenings with these opposite friends, all of them at the bar.
I wonder if I could get sued for writing about actual stuff that really happened, specially if it did to other people...
I better get some presents for those involved, to 'grease the wheels'.

Anyhoo, I'm quite excited about this! I already wrote several strips (several from actual conversations, re-qritten into strip form, and the others are clever imaginary conversations I posted on my Facebook wall); I also did a first approach at the characters' design. I'm quite happy about those already!
Cheers to the only good thing happening in my life atm; all the rest is lacking...